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Strawberry Vanilla

Fluffy, full of flavor, strawberry cake. Topped with  Vanilla Cream or French Vanilla buttercream. You decide!


Dark Chocolate Oreo

Cake is made with Jet black cocoa powder, rich and full of chocolate flavor. Topped with Oreo cream buttercream and an Oreo cookie crumble.


Italian Cream Cheese

Cake has pecan and coconut baked in. Topped with real cream cheese buttercream, more pecans and toasted coconut.


Coconut Cream

Cake is filled with toasted coconut to give a even more delicious coconut flavor. Topped with Coconut cream buttercream and shredded coconut.


White Almond

Our version of the Wedding Cake flavor. An almond cake that can be paired with any filling option, we offer or your create. Paired with Almond buttercream.


Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate cake. Milk Chocolate buttercream. You have to provide you own milk!



Cake has fresh zested lemon peel. Topped with Lemon buttercream, now w/ Lemonade GS cookies as garnish and crumble.


Red Velvet

Classic butter velvet with cake with a *HINT* of cocoa powder. Topped with real cream cheese buttercream and cake crumbles.


French Vanilla Bean

Vanilla cake made with two types of Vanilla. Plus Vanilla bean puree that adds even more flavor. Topped with French Vanilla buttercream and more cake crumbles.


German Chocolate

German chocolate cake, with dark chocolate fudge ribbon of buttercream. Topped with classic German chocolate icing.

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