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Old Fashioned

The original, the classic. Sorry pastry peeps, we make ours without the raisins. But adding raisins especially for you, won't be a probably. And this classic, comes with a Bailey's Caramel sauce, YUM!!


Peach Cobbler

You read that right, it's a peach cobbler flavored bread pudding. The same peach cobbler taste baked into french bread. It's my aunties recipe. That people have actually paid her for. And this favorite comes with a Peach Bourbon sauce!


Creme Brulee'

Yes it is. Creme brulee custard poured over french bread baked and served with a Vanilla Cream sauce. Those tiny black specs are the tons of vanilla bean flavor this has, in case you were wondering!!!


Nutty Praline

Ok nut lovers, here you go. Our nutty praline pudding has 3 different nuts, pecans, walnuts and macadamia nuts. Baked in a praline sauce and topped with a yogurt praline sauce.

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